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Her Men TV Series (2019) Ukraine watch online for free comedy

Smotret film ee muzhchini 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Её мужчины 2019 онлайн комедия с Екатериной Порубель мини сериал в отличном качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the series “Her men / оловї persons” 2019 Comedy / Melodrama / 4 series / Ukraine

Гheroine of the lung Ukrainian TV series “Her Men” 2019 online Marina (Ekaterina Poriel) a district doctor who never had a dream come true about her medical research career. Not without charm, a young woman fails not only in the labor field, but for some reason in her personal life.

A single mother raising a teenager’s son is already losing hope of meeting her gentleman on any horse already. She still does not assume that fate is preparing her a bunch of surprises and very soon in her life there will be not one, but three persevering fans. From that moment, the life of the heroine of the comedy series “Her Men” changes dramatically.

Her patient Boris, a rock musician in the past, and also a former lover who suddenly regained his sight of a renegade, fell in love with Marina headlong. And a compassionate employee introduces her to a foreigner who came to Russia to get a bride. Now a woman faces a difficult choice, not knowing who to give preference to, but a smart son helps to understand the situation.

Trailer of the series “Her Men” 2019 Ukraine | Date of premiere on September 28


Watch the film “Her Men / чї choloviki” (2019) Ukraine all series in a row in good quality hd 720



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A country: Ukraine

Mini-series Her Men / чї чолііки - Release Date and Series Information:

Director: Victor Kustov
Screenwriter: Kira Khudoley
Operator: Sergey Shevchenko
Composer: Alexander Soshalsky
Artist: Vladimir Evsikov
Producers: Grigory Elisavetsky, Olga Neverko

Actors: Ekaterina Porubel, Irina Melnik, Dmitry Saranskov, Egor Rybakov, Mikhail Shamigulov

Production: Future Firm LLC
Premiere: 28 September 2019 Channel Inter Ukraine
Series: 4
Genre: MelodramaMovies about lovecomedy series




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Images from the film “Her Men / чї Choloviki” 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors


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