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Her secret series (2018) watch online for free detective

Smotret serila ee sekreti 2019 onlie besplatno youtebem.com

Смотреть сериал Её секрет 2019 онлайн бесплатно мелодрама про любовь

About the plot of the film "Her Secret" 2019 online / Detective / TVC Channel


Гlove hero series “Her secret online” 2019 A young, full of strength man named Igor moves from his hometown to Moscow to make a career and settle down in life. He is a talented lawyer whose reputation is pure, his education is impeccable, his ambitions are strong. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the young man they take in a prestigious company, promising greater wages and decent conditions. Having a place in a large, fast-growing company, Igor is also improving his personal life.

Their relationship with charming Zhanna is becoming more rapid.
His darling is everything that an ordinary guy could dream of. She is beautiful, attractive and understanding. They would live happily, but Igor notices that a girl from the company is in love with him. Masha is an unremarkable, clumsy and not distinguished girl of high intelligence.

He would have left her without attention if he had not found out that she is the director's daughter. A cunning plan ripens in his head, the goal of which is to get the highest and honorable place after her father. He loves Jeanne sincerely, and shortly before getting a job he was going to marry her, but now he is torn between two girls and does not understand how to do the right thing. He knows that if he stays with Maria, the good life will be very close.



Detective film "Her secret"2019 watch free all series in a row 1-4 channel TVC

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A country: Russia

Director: Karen Zakharov
Operator: Vladimir Zvezdochkin
Actors: Philip Pale, Anastasia Mitrazhik, Alexander Naumov, Irina Cherichenko, Alexandra Bogdanova, Dmitry Mazurov, Olga Naumenko, Vitaly Alshansky

Premiere: 3 January 2019 (TVC)
Series: 4
Genre: DetectiveCrime TV seriesmelodrama

The official instagram actress Anastasia Mitrazhik (Nastya Mytrazhik) / Photo - Video

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