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There are nuances of the series (2019) watch online for free comedy all series

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Смотреть х. фильм Есть нюансы 2019 онлайн комедия бесплатно на 5 канале в хорошем качестве HD 720-1080

About the plot of the series “There are nuances” 2019 Online / 8 Series / Comedy / Channel XNUMX / Russia 

гcomedic hero the series “There are nuances” 2019 online on Channel Five - extravagant psychologist Alexander Sergeyevich Kruglov with an impressive experience behind him, is fond of the extraordinary method of healing and experiments on patients. He is sure that a person will be able to change if he is in a border situation.

The “blue stocking” of Evgeny Spichkina, working as a school librarian, becomes a patient's doctor. A single woman is engaged in the search for the man of her dreams, while she is absolutely not versed in people. Her recipe for happiness is to look for a loved one from a series of guests who rent an apartment with her neighbor.

Oleg Bondarenko is also destined to fall into the field of vision of a psychologist. He is distinguished by resourcefulness and cunning, while he is in the village under house arrest. Freedom and money are Oleg’s goal. Glafira Reshetova, a precinct village, constantly comes to Bondarenko. She hates thieves and other lawbreakers, but she is in love with when she should despise.

Another patient of Alexander Sergeyevich is the Chepikov family. Father, mother and son portray happiness, but in reality the spouse is constantly not happy with her husband. Escaping from stress, the spouse models airplanes, while the son of Kostya can only remain silent and not break the appearance of an ideal family.

Trailer of the series "There are nuances" | Premiere 24 August 2019 


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A country: Russia

The series There are nuances of 2019 - Release date and information about the series:

Director: Alexander Kolesnik
Screenwriters: Alexey Kobylkov, Andrey Balashov
Operator: Sergey Chistyakov
Composer: Serge Greeks

Actors: Valery Kukhareshin, Evgenia Sviridova, Ekaterina Zorina, Andrey Polishchuk, Andrey Zaitsev

Production: LLC “Movishuting”
Premiere: 24 August 2019 (Channel Five)
Series: 8
Genre: Russian comedy Movies



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The official Instagram of actress Evgeniya Sviridova / Photo / Video

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Official Instagram Actor Sergei Burunov (Sergei Burunov) | Photo-Video

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Images from the series “There are Nuances” 2019 Russia - Channel Five | Photos of actors


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