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About the plot of the series “Filatov" 2019 Romance | STS Channel


love hero TV series “Filatov” 2019 online - An excellent, well-known highly professional gynecologist. He works in the only maternity hospital in a small town. Locals rightly consider this institution an unusual place. Here a new generation of citizens is born. Hospital workers feel a great responsibility.

The health of the mother and the child and the future reputation of the medical institution depend on their work. Filatov (Fedor Bondarchuk) does not have difficulties at work. With a man’s personal life, things are not so smooth. He is married, but his wife Alisa (Olesya Sudzilovskaya) cannot reconcile with her husband's profession. Every day it is becoming increasingly difficult to restrain the outbursts of jealousy and shame for the work of the spouse.

The hero of the feature film himself is not ashamed of his position. He does not see anything wrong with the knowledge of the female body and the advice addressed to the chosen one. Despite the beauties arriving daily, he is faithful to her and loves him very much. Once, unable to bear it, she leaves her beloved husband.

Learning about the freedom of a local handsome man, girls hang in droves on him in droves. The protagonist is trying to make new relationships, or a light romance. However, it doesn’t work out. Better than his wife he could not find. She is perfect in everything. Then he decides to return his beloved and former life. Will a key character be able to revive a faded marriage?

Trailer (TV Show) | Premiere fall 2019 | Date is specified | Soon on site

Watch Russian film “Filatov" (2019) 1 season free online all series in a row 1-21

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The series “Filatov” - 2019 - Release Date and Movie Information:

A country: Russia

Director: Andrey Maliukov
Screenwriters: Victor Merezhko
Operator: Yegor Surovtsev
Actors: Kristina Asmus, Alexander Domogarov, Ekaterina Guseva, Anna Ukolova, Vasily Mishchenko, Marat Abdrakhimov

Production: MEDIASLOVO
Series: 21
Premiere: Clarified 2019 (Channel STS)
Genre: Melodrama, films about Love и family



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Official Instagram actress Aleksandra Vlasova (Aleksandra Vlasovova) - Photo / Video

The official instagram actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya (Olesya Sudzilovskaya) / Photo / Video


Images from the film “Filatov” 2019 season 1 Russia | Photos of actors

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