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The film "Man - Swiss Knife" (2016) watch online for free hd 720



About the plot of the movie "The Swiss Army Man" 2016 online | Drama | Adventure | Comedy | USA ??             

В due to certain circumstances Hank (Paul Dano) turns out to be completely alone on the island. He becomes an inhabitant of a piece of land, located in the midst of the boundless blue ocean. There are practically no hopes of salvation, because they could not find him for a long period of time. Friends and relatives most likely forgot about him and are in no hurry to start searching.

Фильм «Человек – швейцарский нож» (2016) смотреть онлайн бесплатно hd 720

Becoming a hostage of a desert island, the hero of the tragicomedic “Man - Swiss Knife” 2016 attempts to find people and get out, but everything shows zero results. In the presented conditions, the man fails to build the most elementary thing - the boat, so he loses faith and decides to end his life by suicide. However, he postpones this venture, because he notices a potential savior, who was washed ashore.

As it turned out, helping the young man (Daniel Radcliffe) to come to his senses too late, this lifeless body can already serve as humus. In the future, the circumstance develops in such a way that the corpse helps Hank to survive, being a jet ski or a tool for building a short-lived but suitable dwelling. Is it possible with such a resource to get out of captivity and return to a familiar environment?



The slogan of the film - "The body is known in trouble"

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Country: USA
Director: Dan Kwan, Daniel Shaynert
Scenario: Dan Kwan, Daniel Shinert
Producer: Miranda Bailey, Lawrence Ingley, Jim Kaufman, Todd King, Amanda Marshall, Eyal Rimmon
Operator: Larkin Saypl
Composer: Robert McDowell, Andy Hull
Production: Blackbird, Cold Iron Pictures, Tadmor
Genre: Drama, comedy, Adventure
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Richard Gross, Andy Hull, Shane Carrat

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Фильм «Человек – швейцарский нож» (2016) смотреть онлайн бесплатно hd 720

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