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The film "My Girlfriend - Monster" 2017 watch online for free hd 720

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About the plot of the movie "My girlfriend is a monster / Colossal" 2017 online | Action movie | Science Fiction | Comedy | Canada | Spain

В the center of attention is a lovely girl named Gloria. Despite all the positive qualities, it has a significant drawback - a huge temptation to alcohol. Being intoxicated, the girl ceases to control her actions, and the next morning simply does not remember what she did and said before.

Alcohol abuse leads her to the fact that the main character the film “My girlfriend is a monster” 2017 loses her job and her lover who puts her things outside the doorstep. Reconcile couple failed, therefore, the young lady decided to return to his native provincial town. Soon, Gloria starts a romance with a childhood friend named Oscar, who owns a small bar. And again, the love of drinking does not live in peace.

Subsequently, circumstances develop in such a way that, with a hangover, the lady turns on the TV and sees in the news a mysterious monster raging in the capital, causing great damage to the population. The strangest thing in the present situation is that the giant creature uses the favorite gestures of the main character. It was then that the girl smelled something amiss. The hypothesis about their relationship is confirmed. The girl arrives in some shock and has no idea what to do next, because real people suffer from the monster ...



The slogan of the movie “My girlfriend is a monster” 2017 - “Do not wake up a monster woman”

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Director: Nacho Vigalondo
Scenario: Nacho Vigalondo
Producer: Nacho Vigalondo, Garrett Bash, Justin Bartsch, Zev Foreman, Nahikari Ipina, Sean Williamson
Operator: Eric Kress
Composer: Bear McCreerie
Production: Toy Fight Productions, Brightlight Pictures, Sayaka Producciones Audiovisuales
Genre: Action, comedy, science fiction
Cast: Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Tim Blake Nelson, Austin Stowell, Agam Darshi, Rukia Bernhardt, Simon Pegg, Hanna Cherami, Miho Suzuki



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