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About the plot of the film "Phobia / Haunted" 2018 | Thriller | Horror | Drama | Crime | Norway

Кethrin (Sunneve Macody Lund) Now he lives in a big city and enjoys his life. main character film “Phobia” 2018 online a young girl who has long left her homeland and does not even remember these places. But unfortunately she finds out the terrible news that will force her to return there. It turns out that her father died and left a whole family house as a legacy to the girl.

Catherine realizes that he will remind her of all her childhood and therefore decides to just sell it. So it will be much easier and you will not have to worry about this place. For this, she decides to go to her town, where she spent all her childhood. She will look around the house and maybe fix something in it. But having arrived at the place, strange memories immediately began to torment her, which were connected with this place. She cannot understand what all this means, but the house is beginning to frighten her greatly.

This is a real nightmare and the girl simply has no idea what to do in this whole situation. Moreover, the neighbors begin to tell her all the horrors that happened in this place and Catherine realizes that she was a participant in all these terrible events. This is indeed a real nightmare and, therefore, she hopes to be able to cope in this difficult situation. What does this result in?


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The slogan of the film - "Who did not hide, I'm not guilty"


Phobia / Haunted - FILM INFORMATION:

Country: Norway

Director: Karl Christian Raabe
Writer: Maya Lunde
Operator: Philip Egord
Composer: Raymond Enoksen
Producer: Nikolai Moland
Actors; Sunnöve Macauy Lund, Ebba Steenstrap, Ken Wedsergaard, Jorunn Kjellsby, Ola Otnes, Robert Skjerstad

Premiere: November 24 2017 (Norway), June 21 2018 (Russia)
Production: Woodworks Film Company
Genre: Horror, crime film, thrillerdrama



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