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About the plot of the series "Formula of crime" 2019 Online / 32 Series / History / Detective / First Channel / Russia 

в event center 2019's Historic Russian Series “Crime Formula” Online covers the period of prosperity of Tsarist Russia. But the leadership of the state is concerned about the number of crimes that is growing steadily. Citizens no longer feel safe, and the authorities are not happy. Riots rose and because of the smaller, so it is necessary not to allow another rebellion to appear.

Employees of the special bureau are trying to find the criminals in order to punish them to the fullest extent. But coping with the task is not easy. At home, everything is not calm, and the main character of a costume detective film enjoys life in France. She is well aware of what is happening at home. That is why she comes back. Usually, young ladies are not interested in such cases, but Anastasia (Alina Lanina) is able to change everything for the better.

The clever and smart person shows interest to jurisprudence. But she could not get the desired education at home, so she went abroad. And now, full of knowledge and aspirations she takes to work. She became the first woman to receive a diploma at the Sorbonne. Surrounding people admire not only the beauty of Mrs. Ardashnikova, but also her paradoxical inquisitive mind.

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A country: Russia

2019 Crime Formula - Release Date and TV Series Info:

Director: Sergey Vinogradov
Screenwriters: Daria Korosteleva, Valentin Spiridonov, Andrei Berezhansky
Operator: Igor Rukin
Producers: Andrey Tartak, Irina Romanova
Casting Director: Angela Karpova

Actors: Alina Lanina, Andrei Gorbachev, Konstantin Vorobev, Kirill Ivanov, Valery Kukhareshin, Oksana Bazilevich, Anton Pulit, Olga Semenova, Denis Sinyavsky, Olga Belyavskaya, Glafira Kozulina, Elizaveta Shakira, Daniel Kokin, Natalia Polkovnikova, Zherena Zapryina, Zaprynova Zaprynova, Zyana Kozulina, Yuliaveta Shakira, Daniil Kokin, Natalya Polkovnikova, Zanena Zapryanova, Zaprynova Kozulina Marat Haydarov, Maria Antonova, Yevgeny Karpov, Alexandra Ilves, Ivan Zabasht, Ekaterina Dolgova

Production: "Mostelefilm" commissioned by Channel One
Premiere: Update 2019 (The first channel)
Series: 32
Genre: Detectives, historical series, history of Russia


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