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    Russian TV shows online.
    Russian cinema is not far behind fashion trends, offering viewers of all ages a product of a new format - serial telenovelas. For Russian viewers, Russian TV shows are close in spirit and more understandable, because they reflect situations typical of everyday life. Their distinctive feature is the maximum proximity to reality, the diversity of feelings and emotions.
    Series produced in Russia are quickly gaining popularity and find their fans. YOUTEBEM.COM online cinema offers to join the fans of domestic film products and enjoy Russian TV shows online.
    Many critics note the crisis experienced by the Russian cinema, but this does not apply to the production of TV shows that keep up with the times, each year offering the viewer new plots for viewing. Popular genres of domestic film works, offered for viewing on our portal:
    In this section, we have selected the best Russian TV shows of different years. Choose the season and series you are interested in, press the browse button and enjoy hanging out with your favorite characters.

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