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Смотреть боевик Гайлер 2019 онлайн бесплатно на канале нтв

About the plot of the film "Guyler" 2019 / Drama / Action / Russia

гlove hero dramatic film “Guyler” 2019 online returned home after a long fifteen years. Dmitriy (Zakhar Prilepin) arrived in the Siberian town where there was a real tragedy. Thieves entered the house of his parents. They tortured the old for a long time, and after they killed the unfortunates. Dmitry and imagine the scary what feelings loved people experienced in the last moments of his life.

The local police sympathize with the man, but do not willingly answer questions affecting the death of his relatives. As it soon turned out, my father tried to fight back with a gun, which he took from the safe. The local detective requires Dima to refrain from fights, because the man was sure that his son would take revenge.

He saw in him a criminal personality and understood the whole gravity of the situation. But the main character of the action movie didn’t care and listen to advice from the side. Soon a friend of the main character arrives in the city. At Rubik's (Arthur Sogoyan) was, to put it mildly. stormy youth In the distant 90-year, he fought for his own life by methods that are currently considered obsolete.

They do not want to return to the past, but the situation does not allow to do otherwise. As if in a time machine, they go in a harsh time, remembering past deeds. They will have a real disassembly, but you need to find scoundrels. How will the dramatic events develop in the future?



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Guyler 2019 - Movie Info and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Peter Dikarev
Screenwriters: Arthur Sogoyan, Peter Dikaryov
Operator: Artyom Oslov
Composer: Sergey Eksuzyan
Artist: Victoria Inkina
Produced by: Arthur Sogoyan, Alyona Zvarych, Sergey Shilov

Actors: Zakhar Prilepin, Sergey Puskepalis, Arthur Sogoyan, Alexey Vertkov, Sergey Novikov, Konstantin Telegin, Vladimir Kazantsev

Production: LLC "Production Center" February 1 "
Premiere: July 12 2019 (NTV)
Genre: Bow, Drama


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Footage from the film “Guiller” 2019 Russia | Photos of actors


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