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Garage Dad movie (2019) watch online free comedy

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Гаражный папа фильм (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно комедия

About the plot of the film “Garage Dad” 2019 online for free / Comedy / Russia

СSoviet Union, the approach of the New Year. In a quiet city far away from the capital, the comedy hero trades the film petty thief named Garage Dad. Kesha, a talented astrophysicist, finally meets with Galya, the girl with whom they had been in correspondence for more than five years. Now they want to get married, and are actively preparing for it. In the meantime, his good friend Arkady often sees his mistress Marina.

If someone sees this pair together, then the troubles cannot be avoided, because Marina’s husband is a big boss and right now he is waiting for the workers to fix all the problems due to the repair of drainpipes. Before the holiday, it is necessary to bury all the pits where the repairs were carried out. Arkady falls into one of those in the dark, and after that, with numerous fractures, the careless hero of the film Garage Dad goes to the hospital for rehabilitation.

He completely forgot that the mistress remained in their secret place, so Kesha himself decides to save the woman. While he was standing and trying to open the lock, the policemen appeared at the back, who had long been waiting for that same “Garage Dad” to finally put the criminal behind bars. Now all the participants of this show, savior Innocent, hostage Marina and the victim Arkasha are called in for questioning in order to sort out this awkward situation.

Russian film “Garage Dad” 2019 online comedy free channel NTV

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A country: Russia

Directors: Alexander Novikov, Stanislav Libin
Scriptwriter: Anatoly Crimea
Operator: Andrey Fedotov
Composer: Anton Ilyin
Artist: Valentin Vyrvich
Producer: Vitaly Zolotarev

Actors: Mikhail Tarabukin, Nadezhda Azorkina, Fedor Lavrov, Svetlana Kolpakova, Anton Eldarov, Alexandra Veleskevich, Andrei Averyanov
Premiere: 2 January 2019 (NTV)
Genre: ComedyNew Year films

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