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Смотреть фильм Герой по вызову 2019-2020 на канале нтв с Кристиной Асмус

About the plot of the series “Hero on Call” 2019-2020 online / 10 episodes / Detective / Comedy / NTV Channel / Russia 

Гthe heroic ironic detective series “The Hero on Call” 2019 online on NTV becomes a young man named Ivan Lutoshin (Eugene Miller), he is a doctor, only his life has never been set, and everything else, suddenly it turns out that he has an inoperable brain tumor. However, he does not want to wait for the inevitable end of life and decide to end his life by suicide, because he was never able to realize himself in the desired help to people.

However, the man suddenly rescues a casual acquaintance - Ilya Tumanov - police officer and offers assistance. A person is required for not officially participating in the deadly operations of capturing bandits, and if they are killed in this case, then death will bring at least some help to people. Lutoshin agrees to the adventure and on one of the tasks he meets Elizoveta Leonova, the investigator of the investigative committee (Kristina Asmus) and makes her a keen interest in his person.

She is attracted by his recklessness and courage, as well as a great desire to help others. After a certain time, the man again undergoes examination and it turns out that the tumor unexpectedly slows down its growth. Noticing this fact, Lutoshin determined that the tumor does not grow only under the threat of death. Therefore, he decides to continue to work in these operations, helping people in difficult situations to survive is now necessary to perform feats that could lead to death.

Trailer Announcement | Premiere 2020 15 June

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A country: Russia

The series “Hero on call” 2019-2020 - Release date and information about series:

Director: Anna Zaitseva
Screenwriters: Andrei Kivinov, Alexey Rezodubov
Operator: Yegor Vetokhin
Actors: Yevgeny Miller, Kristina Asmus, Nikolai Klyamchuk, Mikhail Evlanov, Marina Kaletskaya, Vladimir Vinogradov, Konstantin Topolozh, Yuri Nikolaienko, Irina Verbitskaya, Konstantin Solovyov, Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Nikita Tezov, Alexey Fedkin, Konstantin Bykov, Daniil Koki

Production: RiM
Premiere: 15 Jun 2020 (NTV)
Series: 10
Genre: Detectives, comedy

The official Instagram actress Kristina Asmus (Kristina Asmus) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actor Konstantin Solovyov (Konstantin Solovyev) / Photo - Video

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Footage from the series “Hero on call”2019 NTV Russia | Photos of actors



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