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About entertainment show "The main role" 2019 on Channel One | Russia

Тentertainment entertainment program The main role is a unique project on the first channel, in which celebrities in various branches of show business try themselves in the role of film actors. Each of them admits that in childhood he dreamed of playing world-famous film masterpieces.

Twelve lucky ones will feel in the place of the legendary Soviet artists. Each series represents a single topic: love, children's cinema. The essence of the TV show is not that it can better copy the acting game, but to bring something different to each role, having gained tremendous experience.

So one of the participants, who was to play Werther's robot, preferred to add improvisations, and convey how he feels, bringing his vision to the hypostasis. And one TV presenter, who was faced with the task of reincarnating into Lyudmila Prokofyevna Kaluginu, before shooting, thoroughly studied the film and remained true to the classics.

Famous directors will share the technique of working with novice actresses. A surprise for newly-minted actors is the appearance of professionals who starred in these films that are affected on the air. The viewers will fully immerse themselves in the world of domestic films and will be able to learn about the details of the filming process of their favorite films from an early age.

Trailer - "The main role" 

Latest release from 11 May 2019 

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  • Genres: Shows, Musical, Author's, musical, humorous, cultural
  • Year of creation: 2018
  • Release date in RF: 3 February 2019
  • Country: Russia
  • TV Channel: First 1
  • Presenters: Pavel Priluchny, Irina Muromtseva
  • The main role of the jury: Maria Shukshina, Alexander Mikhailov, Elena Yakovleva, Dmitry Astrakhan, Avdotya Smirnova

Official instagram leading Irina Muromtseva (Irina Muromceva) - Photo / Video

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The official instagram of actor Pavel Priluchny (Pavel Priluchny) / Photo - Video

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Footage from the TV show "the main role”2019 | Photo leading and participants



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