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Смотреть передачу Голос 60+ плюс новый сезон онлайн все выпуски подряд бесплатно в качестве hd 720

Сalready very popular show "Voice 60 + Plus" 2 season 2019 online once again announced the selection of contestants for a unique competition. A television show has set itself the goal of solving the problem of who is the best singer. Yes, not just, but among people who have already exceeded sixty years.
Despite the fact that they have not been young for a long time, they still have a burning desire to become famous in order to show everyone their talent. Initially, they need to ideally rehearse and prepare their personal material. It can be a stranger, and your own song. The main thing is that she should be sung well. But everything will not be so simple, because the jury is very experienced and respected.
They certainly will not let anyone get in or give more attempts. You have to perform well from the very beginning. So, each air they will choose those who deserve to go further. This will continue until the final stage of the Voice 60 + transfer. There already, the fate of the most worthy will be decided by the audience. They will have to make a serious choice between who they really liked.
The one who was the best will not remain deprived. He will be rewarded with a promising contract and a substantial amount of money. If you are interested in knowing who will win as a result of all the trials, then you simply must familiarize yourself with this wonderful show, which will definitely not let you get bored for a second.

Trailer - 60 + Voice - Mentors

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  • Genres: Show, Musical, Adult
  • Year of creation: 2019
  • Release date in RF: 14 February 2018, 4 September 2020
  • Country: Russia
  • TV Channel: First 1
  • Talented singers
  • Duration: 200 min.
  • 60 voice + jury
  • Pelagia, Leo Leshchenko, Valeria, Mikhail Boyarsky


Official Instagram of singer Valeria (Singer Valeriya) - Photo / Video

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The official instagram singer Pelageya (Pelageya) / Photo - Video

The official instagram of TV host and actor Dmitry Nagiyev (Dmitri Nagiev) - Photo / Video

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Images from the TV show “Voice 60 Plus”New season 2019 | Photos of participants and jury members


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