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About the plot of the Ukrainian TV series “Voice of the Angel / Voice of Yangol” 2019 / Melodrama / Ukraine

У two sisters suffered a terrible tragedy - their parents died. After this event, the main characters of the Ukrainian TV series "Angel's Voice" 2019 online have moved away a lot. Of course, now they will have to somehow improve their relations so that it does not get worse. They understand that it will be very difficult. The eldest really wanted to establish contact, while the other simply did not have such a desire. She deliberately makes sure that everything also remains cold between them.

And then you have to throw all hopes and illusions out of your head, start a life without a sister and her troubles. One day, the youngest says she is going to get married and move out of her homeland. Of course, this news was a real shock. When the heroine heard this, she was just shaking with indignation. She literally begged her not to do that. She leaves unknown where and with whom, and what will happen to her is also unknown.

But the younger one simply recognized her grin and mockery in her words and decided that she was simply jealous of her. Resentment has become much stronger than sisterly love. So the girls in different directions and went their separate ways. The heroine was very worried and believed that everything would be fine, but did not know how to find out something about her relative. And then she learns interesting details from the life of her younger sister.



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A country: Ukraine

Angel Voice / Yangola Voice - TV Show Information:

Director: Vera Yakovenko
Scriptwriter: Alexander Ryzhov
Operator: Roman Nizhnik
Artist: Svetlana Kudrina
Producers: Svetlana Karvan, Valentin Opalev
Casting Director: Irina Nenakhova

Actors: Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Alexey Zubkov, Sofia Kotlyarova, Alexey Tritenko, Sergey Siplivny, Daria Petrozhitskaya, Nikolai Boklan, Igor Rubashkin, Igor Petrusenko, Valeria Chaykovskaya, Dmitry Gritsai, Elena Gritsai, Alexander Danilchenko, Alexander Sugak

Production: Armada Films
Premiere: March 8 2019 (Channel Inter)
Series: 4
Genre: melodrama

Images from the film “Voice of the Angel / Voice of the Yangol” 2019 | Photos of actors



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