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Voice kids season 7 (2020) watch online all issues in a row

Smotret shou golos deti 7 season 2020 online youtebem.com

Смотреть онлайн Голос Дети 7 сезон 2020 все выпуски подряд на первом канале 1

Уabsolutely any child in the age group from 7 to 2020 years old can become a private member of such an amazing singing show “Voice of children 7 season” 14 online In order to take part in the large project of the show Voice Children Season 7, you must send an application with a record of your singing. This must be done if you want to show your talent to the whole world and are confident that it is.

Many doubt their beautiful voice. But this is not worth doing. The jury will appreciate the musical talent of each child and will not offend anyone. The show starts in February 2020. The jury will be one of the most stellar. It consists of important persons of show business who are somehow connected with its vocal part.

It will include people such as the famous rapper Basta, a talented vocalist who also created more than one musical group, Valery Meladze and Eurovision winner Polina Gagarina. All these people showed themselves perfectly on the big stage. They earned the high right to be judges of such a prestigious children's show.

There will also be some changes in the composition of the hosts of the grandiose show Voice. To join Dmitry Nagiev is a very popular actress, mainly among young people. Agatha Muceniece will lead this magical musical project with Nagiyev. A show voice opens its doors for absolutely everyone. It is only important to have a great desire.

Trailer - announcement "Voice. Children 7 season Mentors"

Watch online “Voice of the Children” 2020 new 7 season all editions in a row 

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  • Genres: Шоу, Musical, for children
  • Year of creation: 2020
  • Release date in RF: 14 February 2020
  • A country: Russia
  • TV Channel: First 1
  • Talented children
  • Duration: 200 min.
  • Voice children jury
  • .



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Footage from the TV show "Voice Children”New 7 season 2020 | Photos of mentors and participants


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