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Watch online voice 6 season all releases in a row on channel one

ПRavila The new 6 season of the show “Voice of the Children” 2019 on the first channel which is monitored throughout the country, have not changed. In the first stage, participants send their questionnaires to a four-person musical edition, and the selection of candidates takes place. After the casting takes place, young talented children go through blind auditions. As a result of this audition, world-famous mentors will select those children with whom they will work.

Mentors in the sixth season will be the brightest personality. TO Valeria Meladze and Pelagia join in the red chair popular singer from Ukraine Svetlana Loboda. When the selections end, in which the mentors determine the composition of their teams, the children begin to prepare numbers for the fights and songs right through. Mentors will need to determine which children deserve to go on and continue to fight, and who will have to leave the show.

But the winner of the show “Children’s Voice” is determined by a vote of TV viewers and TV show fans. Also in the voting process is given a chance to three more participants who have already left the TV show. If the young talent can get enough votes, then there is a chance to return to the list of participants. Of course, Dmitry Nagiyev will also be the host of the show, but the co-host is new, and this is charming actress Aglaia Shilovskaya.

Trailer - “Voice of the Child” - Highlights

Watch online “Voice of the Children” 2019 new 6 season all editions in a row

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  • Genres: Шоу, Musical, for children
  • Year of creation: 2019
  • Release date in RF: 15 February 2019
  • A country: Russia
  • TV Channel: First 1
  • Talented children
  • Duration: 200 min.
  • Voice children jury
  • .



Official instagram svetlana Svetlana Loboda (Svetlana Loboda) / Photo - Video

The official instagram singer Pelageya (Pelageya) / Photo - Video

Official instagram of the producer center of Konstantin Meladze - MeladzеMusic / Photo - Video

Footage from the TV show "Voice Children”New 6 season 2019 | Photos of participants


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