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The series “Voice from the past / What it was” 2018 watch online melodrama for all series in a row 1-4 | Ukraine  ??

Гlove hero Ukrainian series “Voice from the past” online by the name of Alex (Alexander Popov) always dreamed of becoming a good doctor. Having set the coordinates of the target, the boy confidently moved forward. So he graduated from university and got a job in one of the city hospitals as a surgeon. Over the years, the hero has gained invaluable experience, becoming a high-class professional, who owed his life to some patients who have passed through his hands.

Смотреть сериал голос из прошлого 2018 онлайн мелодрама Украина

Soon, Lesha became famous throughout the district and was in the priority of many patients who were eagerly wanting to be operated on by a famous doctor. The man went to work with his head, giving most of the time to the hospital, he did not leave anything for his personal life. However, he managed to steal a minute and for himself. That evening, the main character of the film “The Voice from the Past” gloriously dined in a small restaurant, enjoying peace and tranquility.

It was in the present institution that Aleksey got acquainted with the incredibly cheerful young lady Asya (Claudia Drozd). The girl, due to certain circumstances, is forced to drag out of existence in a wheelchair, but in this situation the beauty continues to enjoy the new day. Thoughts did not give the man peace, he wanted to know the cause of the suffering of the newly-made friend. The truth seems very frightening ...

Ukrainian TV series “Voice from the Past / What it was” 2018 online

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A country: Ukraine
Director: Anatoly Grigoriev
Scenario: Igor Torotko
Operator: Anatoly Khimich, Alexander Khimich
Producer: Alexandra Kasperskaya
Composer: Daniel Yudelevich
Production: Star Media
Genre: romance, drama

Cast: Alexander Popov, Klavdiya Drozd, Natalia Kalatay, Anatol Fon-Filandra, Mikhail Kukuyuk, Nikolay Boklan, Marina Kuklina, Veronika Shostak, Alina Kovalenko, Anna Abramenok, Elena Knizhenko, Elena Dudich, Sergey Ponomarenko, Vyacheslav Gindin, Vladimir Gladin

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