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Смотреть шоу Гонка на миллион / Удивительные гонки онлайн все выпуски подряд

About the plot of the project “Million Race / Amazing Race” 2019 on Yu / Russia channel

ДAnna popular reality show “Race for a million” online in Russian shows how two young people, bound by some kind of bond and experiencing warm emotions to each other, must confront other teams of the same kind. Each issue talks about the culture and characteristics of a country.

It all depends on where the tests are being conducted. During it, people must go through complex intellectual and physical tests. At the place of events, participants should look for various clues and tasks until in one of them the coordinates of the end point appear, at which those who arrive there first get a small cash prize.

The prize amount will increase every time. And those who arrive the very last - drop out, and are obliged to go back home. In addition to the qualities of individuals, the ability of the team is also tested. It is very important that there are no quarrels, otherwise it will be much more complicated.

Although the task becomes more difficult every time. And so they will drop out one company every week until there are only three groups left. And then the most cruel test will begin, during which all but two people who turned out to be the most united will disappear. And for this they will not receive a huge reward. One million rubles.




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Country: Russia
Production: U channel
Genre: Family TV show, hobbies, hobbies, tourism
Duration: 115 min.
Release Date: August 29 2016 Year

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Images from the reality show “Race for a million” 2019 Channel U | Photos of participants



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