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Horizons of Love series (2019) watch free melodrama

Watch the movie HorizSmotret serial gorizonti lubvi 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Горизонты любви 2019 онлайн украинская мелодрама бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

About the plot of the series “Horizons of love / Horizon kokhannya” 2019 / Melodrama / Home Channel

ВArvara gave all her strength to the care of her family. Her husband is a rich man who is engaged in business, and gives all his strength to work. Destiny Wari (Marina Denisova) create comfort in the house and raise children. Since the spouse was in constant absences, the main character Ukrainian series “Horizons of love” 2019 online did not notice that he constantly changed her. And, more often, Barbara's girlfriends were mistresses of the unfaithful man.

At home, the husband was caring and attentive, and his wife had no reason to doubt him. One day, Barbara came home at an extra hour and found her man in bed with another woman. She immediately packed up and went with her daughter to close relatives. And soon the spouse is arrested, and put behind bars as a result of fraud with the finances of the company.

Barbara is now free from obligations and can finally take care of herself and what she likes. In men, she was disappointed, therefore she tries to avoid obsessive attention signs. But soon she is given a second chance in life to gain female happiness.

Varya meets a simple schoolteacher, in which she immediately feels a kindred spirit. Ilya (Daniel White) as well as Barbara, grasped disappointments in love. But in everyday life, he manifests himself as a caring and reliable family man. Varya gradually opens her heart to Ilya, and the couple decides to live together. But here the past of the woman again reminds of itself.



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A country: Ukraine

Horizons of Love / Horizon Cohana - FILM INFORMATION:

Director: Victor Kustov
Scriptwriter: Yuri Tarabanchuk
Operator: Sergey Shevchenko
Composer: Sergey Miklashevsky
Artist: Vladimir Evsikov
Producers: Olga Neverko, Grigory Elisavetsky

Actors: Marina Denisova, Daniil Belykh, Dmitry Saranskov, Lyubomiras Lautsyavichyus, Natalya Batrak, Yana Roykhman, Timofey Krinitsky, Oksana Burlay-Piterova, Yulia Amelkina, Ameli Nikulycheva, Lyudmila Rymar, Nikita Bykanov, Sergey Frolov, asphirovs. Nagaeva, Anna Morgunova, Evgeny Yukhnovets, Mikhail Grytsyk, Vladimir Peterov

Production: Odessa Film Studio
Premiere: 27 May 2018 (1 + 1 Channel, Ukraine), 26 March 2019 (Home channel)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama series online, films about Love and family


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