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Mountain Disease series (2019) watch online free detective on TVC

Smotret serial gornaya bolezn 2019 online youtebem.com

Горная болезнь сериал (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно детектив на ТВЦ

About the plot of the series "Mountain sickness» 2019 Online / Detective / TVC Channel / Russia 

В plot center series “Mountain Disease” 2019 online on TVC channel there are two best friends Anastasia (Ekaterina Olkina) and Tatiana (Olga Lomonosova). From childhood they keep together, they experience both joys and troubles. But in adulthood, priorities begin to change in both women. Tanya first jumps married, and, Oleg, her husband, is the brother of a friend. She is very happy, and spends even more time with the girl, because now they are relatives.

Nastya also has a wonderful lover, Pavel, who works as a pediatrician. They want to get married, but still do not know on what date to appoint a celebration. But no one expected what would happen exactly in this scenario. Ladies are in the registry office in one day. But the reasons for his visit are different. Tanya came to divorce, and Nastya gathered to sign with Pasha. At the entrance the heroines met their eyes and realized that they would remember this day for a long time.

A former young man literally bursts into the wedding, and a huge scandal occurs. The bride still has feelings for him, but he still could not upset the holiday. The newlyweds decided to go on a honeymoon to a hike in the mountains. And here it becomes known that the newly made wife was gone. Tanya and Oleg decide to put aside their hatred and go in search.

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Mountain Disease 2019 - Information about the series and release date:

A country: Russia

Director: Andrey Silkin
Screenwriters: Valentina Shevyahova, Elena Bykovskaya
Operator: Maxim Mihanyuk
Composer: Igor Babaev
Producers: Alexey Moiseev, Natalia Mokeeva, Alya Somkina

Actors: Olga University, Peter Barancheev Vladimir Stallions, Catherine Olkina Anastasiya Panina Andrey Savostianov Maria Bortnik, Eugene Slavskii Irina Le Havre, Anastasia Magdalyuk Regina Polyakova Maria Bokova Irina Pulín Denis Hlibov, Vasily Gabashvili, Lasha Ramishvili, Davit Shkolsky, Christopher Piliev, Zaza Chincharauli, Sergey Kenya

Production: LLC EPIC MEDIA
Series: 4

Premiere: 1 June 2019 TVC
Genre: Detective movies, love melodrama

The official instagram actress Ekaterina Olkina (Ekaterina Olkina) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Olga Lomonosova (Olga Lomonosova) / Photo - Video

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Images from the series “Mountain Disease” 2019 Russia / TVC Channel | Photos of actors


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