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Civic wife serial (2018) watch online melodrama

Smotret serial Grazhdanskaya zhena 2018 online melodrama Youtebem.com

Гражданская жена сериал (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама Россия

About the plot of the mini-series “Civil wife” 2018 melodrama | Channel Russia 1

ДThe actions of this very soulful serial "Civil wife" 2018 online unfold around a girl named Anya (Pelageya Nevzorova). While still quite small, Anya lost her mother's care and the baby spent her entire childhood in an orphanage. Fate was not favorable to the girl, the young Anna constantly got into different scrape. Even in hopeless situations, the smartest girl found the right path.

Ann’s age-olds always treated her badly, so the main character always relied only on her own strength, not counting on outside help. After the age of majority, Anna decides to go to earn money, where she meets an attractive guy named Pavel (Evgeny Slavskiy). Pasha immediately seemed to Anya to be a purposeful, responsive person. Soon the young man becomes the most dear person for the girl.

A couple in love spends a lot of time together, after a month and a half, Pavel decides to introduce his girlfriend to his parents. As it turned out, members of the Pasha's family were very wealthy people. When she first met, her beloved's mother showed that her son’s relationship with a beggar woman was not to her taste. The woman is trying by all means not to let the couple legitimize the marriage, in every way setting Paul against the bride. And Pasha's younger brother, who always hated his older brother, finally found a way to humiliate him.

Civic Wife movie series 2018 online melodrama all series in a row

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A country: Russia
Director: Andrey Krasavin
Writer: Anna Trefts
Operator: Gennady Mute
Composer: Alexander Tremaine
Artist: Sergey Grudinin
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Irina Smirnova

Actors: Pelageya Nevzorova, Denis Vasilyev, Yevgeny Slavsky, Artyom Krylov, Elena Simonova, Elena Vetrova, Alexander Zhivova, Asya Kalinina, Olga Reptukh, Anastasia Baklanova, Kirill Ilyin, Andrey Semenov, Valentina Popova, Ksenia Ilyina, Pavel Malukhin, Sergey Gannochka
Production: Russian
Premiere: October 21 2018 (Russia-1)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama

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