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Смотреть гуднайтшоу с Валерием Жидковым Квартал 95 юмор Украина

Чdo you need to quickly fall asleep and rest all night without anxiety? Just do not pay utilities, but just just spend a Friday evening in the company of the Ukrainian comic show "# Goodnightshow" on the TV channel "1 + 1". Wish good night you really wants Valery Zhidkov. He does it in rather original ways. And what can we expect from a talented person who comes up with scripts for the studio "95 Quarter"?

The name of that person is well known to those who are even slightly interested in comedy television shows. Since the time of the game in KVN, Valery has been nicknamed “the Tambov wolf”. The author himself says that his show “# Goodnightshow” is like a pen test, and even a challenge. Here he will try to convey to the viewers his thoughts on topics especially relevant in our difficult times. The author allows himself to tell jokes that are quite specific, for example, on the topic of religion.

His humor is always honest and gives you the opportunity to look at many everyday things from a completely new side. It covers topics of pop and show business, the secrets of his work on television and, of course, politics. Perhaps after watching this TV show, each of us will be able to look at many things through the eyes of Valery Zhidkov and find a lot of interesting and new things in them.

Stand-up show “Valery Zhidkov's Goodnightshow” watch online all releases for free on the channel 1 + 1 Humor | Ukraine


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Country: Ukraine
Host: Valery Zhidkov
Production: 95 Evening Quarter
Genre: TV stand-up show, humor

Valery Zhidkov - all numbers | Playlist | Evening Quarter



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The official instagram leading and stand-up comedian Valeria Zhidkov / Studio \ ”Quarter 95 \” (Valerii Zhidkov) / Photo / Video

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