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Hut / The Shack movie (2017) watch online drama USA

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Watch Movies Hut 2017 online free fantasy about religion

About the plot of the film "The Shack" 2017 online | Drama | Fantasy | USA

Фor Mackenzie (Sam Worthington) a large father and a wonderful family man, leading a correct lifestyle. Trying to be a bona fide member of society and a good example for your own offspring. The main character very soulful of the American dramatic film “Hut” 2017 online very religious, lives according to the commandments of the Lord, regularly attends the local church with relatives. Suddenly, an unforeseen mystical situation arises, the little daughter disappears without a trace during a walk with her parents.

Heartbroken mom and dad with the support of relatives, friends and law enforcement agencies are sent to search. Traces and evidence indicate the abduction of the crumbs by a ruthless maniac. Surrounding conclusion about the unconditional death of the baby. Distraught from heartache, a righteous citizen curses himself and God. Unable to believe the nightmare of an innocent child, he goes mad with hatred of recent events.

Once on the threshold of desperate people an anonymous letter appears with the inscription "Dad". Unknown Mackenzie offers to visit the terrible hut in which in the past were found baby things covered in blood. The unfortunate is waiting for an incredible ordeal, a long-awaited meeting or utter disappointment in the cruelty and injustice of life.


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Hut / The Shack - Movie Info:

A country: USA

Director: Stuart Hazeldine
Screenwriters: John Fusco, Andrew Lanham, Destin Cretton
Operator: John Fusco,
Composer: Aaron Zigman
Produced by: Brad Cummings, Jill Netter, Mike Drakem

Actors: Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Tim McGraw, Rada Mitchell, Megan Charpentier, Graham Green, Ryan Robbins, Gage Munro, Amélie Eve, Alice Braga

Premiere: July 30 2017
Production: Netter Productions, Sam Hurwitz Productions, Summit Entertainment
Genre: Drama, Fantasy

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Screenshots from The Shack 2017 USA | Photos of actors


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