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Good wife TV series (2019) NTV watch online free all series drama

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Смотреть русский фильм Хорошая жена 2019 на канале НТВ драма все серии бесплатно

About the plot of the series "Good wife" 2019 Online / 20 Series / Drama / NTV Channel / Russia 

Эthat long awaited dramatic TV series "Good Wife" 2019 1 season online on NTV is a Russian adaptation of the eponymous popular American project starring Julianna Margulis. The film tells the story of a resident of St. Petersburg Alisa (Alexandra Ursulyak) She is quite attractive and beautiful.

She has a caring loving husband Peter Filippov (Alexander Domogarov), who held a high position - Attorney General of the Leningrad Region. Pleasing success cute kids. And the house was always satisfying and rich. Alice's husband, named Pyotr Filippov, was involved in one in a serious conflict on the basis of professional activity.

This problem could not be cut off at the level of small rumors and they leaked to the media (media) and very quickly scattered into the ears of many people and caused a huge resonance. The career of a man that he built for many years from the bones of his competitors in high positions and profitable places began to collapse.

All that he has achieved: reputation, authority and recognition is everything. It all turned to dust. Upon learning of the secret activities of her husband, Alice takes her children to her mother. In a small, modest apartment without much surplus somewhere in the Leningrad region.

After the appearance of her children, the woman stopped working and was engaged only in the education of babies and household. But after all that has happened, she has to return to her origins - to the law office.

Trailer Announcement | Premiere 11 November 2019 

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A country: Russia

Good Wife - 2019 Release Date and Information on series:

Director: Stanislav Libin
Operator: Nikita Semenov
Artist: Anastasia Nomokonova
Producer: Margarita Iskandarova
Casting Director: Elena Subbotina

Actors: Alexandra Ursulyak, Alexander Domogarov, Dmitry Miller, Marina Zudina, Sabina Akhmedova, Nail Abdrakhmanov, Sergey Pogosyan, Alexey Barabash, Zoya Lirova, Arseny Gusev, Elizaveta Zarubina, Ksenia Samoilova, Anastasia Khristyan, Marina Kondratydeva, Alexander Korratratyova, Dani Valery Novikov, Alla Ivantsova, Elizaveta Lotova

Production: “Sony Pictures Television Russia” and the production center “LeanM”
Premiere: November 11 2019 (NTV)
Series: 20
Genre: Family Drama, drama


Images from the series “Good Wife”2019 NTV Russia | Photos of actors



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