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Hooligans 2 season (2019) watch online all releases in a row, reality show

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TV show “Hooligans 2 season” on the Channel Friday all releases in a row | Russia 

МMany guys are confident that if you behave like a real bully, then all the girls will definitely be led to it. But in fact, it’s all wrong and the main characters TV show "Hooligans season 2" 2019 online suffered a big fiasco in their personal relationships. Each of them behaved just rudely, which naturally did not suit their second halves.

That is why the guys will have to do everything possible to correct their terrible character and try to start a new life from scratch. To do this, they go to the same school, where they will be taught behavior and moral principles. Throughout their lives, they have been deprived of this, and therefore it is even difficult to guess what all this can actually lead to.

The situation is really quite complicated and therefore all this can lead to the most unpredictable consequences. Each of the participants wants to start everything from the beginning, but for this it will naturally take a lot to donate. Only by accepting this fact can they achieve their ultimate goal. For each of the bullies, it will be completely different. Someone will be able to accept it and continue to live on, but someone still will not master such great difficulties. Why does all this lead and will the guys be able to find their happiness?

Watch the show "Hooligans season 2" 2019 online in good quality all series in a row

Watch the show “Hooligans 1 season” online in good quality all releases in a row

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Genres: Reality Show
Year of creation: 2019
Host: Daniel Salem
Release date in RF: 17 January 2019
Country: Russia
TV channel: Friday
Director: Margarita Kuzmina Elena Olshevskaya

Playlist - "Prozharka" - the first Russian comedy hate show on the TNT4 channel, where popular stars will be "roasted" by stand-up comedians. Attention, Hot! :)

By TNT4 TV Channel
1/ Xnumx

Footage from the show “Hooligans 2 season” 2019 channel Friday | Photos of participants


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