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Смотреть боевик Иностранец 2017с Джеки Чаном триллер онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the film "The Foreigner" 2018 | Action | Thriller | Crime | Drama | Detective | England | China | USA

гThe main role in the movie "Foreigner" 2017 online is played by legendary actor Jackie Chan, who played a Vietnam War veteran named Nguyen Ngoc Min. The main character of the action movie had a lot of trials in life. His litigation of fate began at the time of the conflict in Vietnam. At first, Nguyen supported the side of his compatriots and fought on the side of the Viet Cong. Later it turned out that his course changed, and the man joined the Americans.

At gunpoint were relatives who supported the Reds. The situation soon stabilized, but it was pointless to wait for the amnesty and had to sit out for what I had done. After his release, the man realized that he had nothing to do in his homeland, and he and his family migrated to Hong Kong.

But a terrible thing happened. Along the way, his daughters became victims of the Thais. The criminals raped the girls, and then killed them. Mina became clear that it was worth changing the route. Thus, he and his family were in England. At the new place, they slowly settled in and soon opened a small restaurant.

Because of the terrorist attack of the Irish radicals, the hero’s wife and his younger daughter were killed. From now on, he was completely alone. The police are trying to investigate the crimes of terrorists and catch the scoundrels, but all attempts were in vain. Min understands that it is up to him to find the killers and get even with them. How will events develop in the future?



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Foreigner / Chinese 2017 - INFORMATION ABOUT FILM:

A country: USA, China, UK

Director: Martin Campbell
Screenwriters: David Marconi, Stephen Leter
Operator: David Tattersall
Composer: Cliff Martinez
Artist: Alex Cameron
Produced by: Wayne Marc Godfrey, Claire Kupchak, D. Scott Lampkin, David Marconi, Arthur M. Sarkissian, Andrew Warren

Actors: Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Charlie Murphy, Katie Leung, Simon Kunz, Rory Fleck Byrne, Pippa Bennet-Warner, Stephen Hogan, Dermot Crawley, Robert Taylor, Diljana Buklieva, Sina Sihoko Nagai and others

Production: SR Media, thefyzz
Premiere: September 30 2017 (China), November 23 2017 (Russia), October 13 2017 (USA)
Genre: thriller, action, crime, drama, detective


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