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Disappearing Tracks Series (2020) Ukraine watch online for free detective

Smotret serial ischezayushie sledi 2020 online youtebem.com

Смотреть украинский фильм Исчезающие следы 2020 онлайн сериал с Михаилом Химичевым детектив бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Disappearing Traces / Znakayuchi Slіdi” 2020 / Melodrama / Detective / 16 episodes / Channel Ukraine

вevent center TV series “Disappearing Traces" 2020 online young strong, courageous Cyril (Mikhail Himichev) Is one of the best police officers. Behind him is a huge amount of merit. The hero is not only good at work, but also in the family. The young man has a wife, Tatyana (Ekaterina Ryabova), which he loves very much, and a baby daughter named Ulyana.

Inside the family, everything is fine, because everyone gives each other only pleasant feelings. But unexpectedly, grief occurs between Cyril and his wife - their daughter was abducted by unknown persons. The couple receives conditions on which the girl will be released. Father cannot sit still, so he immediately goes to the criminals. But he did not have time.

Right in front of Cyril’s eyes, a car exploded in which there were robbers and his daughter. This is shocking for a young man. The hero suffers from the pain of loss and guilt over what happened. He thinks that the problem is in him, and that he needed to act more quickly. The case takes a very nasty turn when the policeman begins to drink.

Because of this, a man loses his job and wife, and once a happy family ceases to exist. But this cannot go on for long. Outrage is happening in the city - as before, children disappear and adults die. Therefore, a friend of the hero returns him to work, so that Cyril helps to stop what is happening. Here, a policeman meets his ex-wife ...

Trailer announcement “Disappearing Traces” 2020 | Premiere 17 February 


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A country: Ukraine

The series “Disappearing Traces / Znakayuchі slіdi” 2020 - Release Date and Series Information:

Director: Sergey Tolkushkin
Screenwriters: Alexandra Smilyanskaya, Galina Rubinstein, Alexey Chashchin, Anastasia Alekseeva
Operator: Andrey Koval
Composer: Yuri Plavko
Artist: Peter Koryagin
Producers: Oleg Rogozh, Illarion Pavlyuk, Vladimir Ribas, Armen Ter-Avanesov

Actors: Mikhail Khimichev, Ekaterina Ryabova, Maria Dakhno, Kirill Rubtsov, Olesya Vlasova, Pavel Tupikov, Vladimir Rashchuk, Ksenia Mishina, Mark Drobot, Alexandra Sizonenko, Irina Grishak, Elena Khokhlatkina, Ruslan Koval, Ekaterina Vlasenko, Roman Yasinovsky, Andrei Lyubich, Alexandra Polguy, Eugene Rachok, Angelika Eshbaeva

Production: Ivory films
Premiere: February 17 2020 (TC Ukraine)
Series: 16
Genre: Detective TV series, Melodrama


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