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Snoop 3 season series (2018) watch online all series in a row

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On the plot of the series “Snoop 3 season” with Banschikova 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-16 / Detective / Russia 🇷🇺

Сsoutheast line already loved by so many fans detective series “Snoop” 3 season, continues to review the history of the eminent investigator. Kushnir (Anna Banshchikova) - hard worker, ready to stay up at night, to achieve success and envy from colleagues. However, growth on the career ladder depends not only on the efforts of the heroine herself. Due to the fact that her ex-husband is at the helm, the woman has a difficult relationship with her superiors.

Ищейка 3 сезон (2018) смотреть сериал онлайн все серии подряд

The man has long cooled down to his wife, therefore he does not see more of the future together, but in the case presented, Snooper thinks otherwise. The main heroine of the detective, Snoop 3, naively believes that this man is presented to her by fate, and you just have to want how everything will get better and flirt with new colors. Similar thoughts arise from her on the basis of the fact that besides the former, she does not see any more sues.

A careerist takes the blame for the collapse in past relationships on himself, but looks at everything from a positive point of view, therefore he cannot reason intelligently. It is time to change, the situation is waiting for change, otherwise the old circumstances will be attracted again. Kushnir keeps in touch with a seasoned lover, but she is unable to suggest a man to start from scratch. The heroine takes the true path and thinks not only about progress in the workplace, but also about her personal life ...


The episode “Snoop” 3 season

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Country: Russia
Director: Dmitry Brusnikin
Scenario: Denis Chervyakov, Vladimir Arkusha, Sergey Stepanov, Yusup Razykov
Producer: Philip Brusnikin, Vladislav Ryashin, Daria Lavrova
Operator: Sergey Blednov
Production: “Star Media”
Genre: Detective

Cast: Anna Banshchikova, Alexander Makogon, Olga Litvinova, Denis Burgazliev, Vladislav Pavlov, Eduard Chekmazov, Vladimir Nikolenko, Anatoly Gushchin, Irina Pulina, Dmitry Miller, Daria Antonyuk, Yuri Grubnik, Anastasia Velikorodnaya, Alexander Mosolov, Dmitry Komov, Evgeny Kushp , Yana Paletskaya, Sergey Lanbamin, Maria Shlyapina


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