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Смотреть фильм "Иванько" ТНТ 2020 с Валентиной Мазуниной сериал все серии подряд комедия HD 720-1080

About the plot of the series "Ivanko" 2020 online / Comedy / 17 episodes / TNT channel

РValentina's duck is burdened with the difficulties that make up her daily routine. The heroine of the comedy series "Ivanko" 2020 online lives in a small town and works as an English teacher at a local school, sometimes holding the position of a psychologist. She loves work and enjoys attending school.

She lives in a small apartment with her mother and older sister. Her parent continues to patronize the eldest daughter and restrict her claims to a personal sphere. Despite her adult age, the girl is under the control of her mother and does not dare to contradict her word. She also provides for the whole family.

Valentina is in love with history teacher Konstantin Burylev. He is quite famous in narrow circles, as he pleases his small fans with performances with his own creativity - songs and poems. One day, he invites his colleague on a date, which she is incredibly happy about.

But plans change dramatically and collapse. Her relative is faced with trouble, and she goes to help. During this, she, due to strange circumstances, finds herself in the police station, where she begins to communicate with Nastya, once an enemy. Later, she discovers that Kostya has invited her to a meeting so that she can help compose a letter for his beloved.

Trailer of the series "Ivanko" | Premiere 3 November 2020 

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Russian TV series "Ivanko" 2020 - Release date and information about the film: 

A country: Russia

Directors: Shota Gamisonia, Vsevolod Brodsky, Ksenia Voronina
Operators: Valery Makhmudov, Mark Ziselson, Kirill Klepalov
Producers: Artyom Loginov (gen.), Nikolay Akopov, Ksenia Voronina

Actors: Angelina Mirimskaya, Valentina Mazunina, Victoria Zabolotnaya, Mikhail Teynik, Alexey Vertkov, Denis Shvedov, Elena Shevchenko, Alexey Vedernikov, Shota Gamisonia, Anastasia Akatova, Anton Shavrin, Alexander Yatsenko, Valeria Yakovleva, Georgy Segal, Nikita Karban, Polar

Production: Good Story Media
Premiere: November 3 2020
Series: 17
Genre: Humorcomedy


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Images from the series "Ivanko" 2020 / Comedy on TNT | Photos of actors



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