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Ivanovs-Ivanovs 3 Season (2018) watch online free comedy

Smotret serial ivanovi-ivanovi 3 sezon 2018 online youtebem.com

Ивановы-Ивановы 3 сезон (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно комедия

About the plot of the series “Ivanov-Ivanov 3 season” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1-21 / Comedy / Russia

Пopulyarny comedy soap opera “Ivanov-Ivanov 3” 2018 online at CTC tells the story of two families with the same last name. In the past, two newborn babies were confused by hospital workers. About the unfortunate incident it became known only after sixteen years. Disclosure of secrets greatly influenced the future life of the main characters.

Amazing and insanely funny things began to happen to them. In short, the days were filled with bright colors and unexpected turns. Families are desperately trying to establish relationships, but this is extremely difficult to do because of the serious social differences and individual principles. The only point of contact for the characters of the family series - sons! Despite numerous difficulties and embarrassing situations, Ivanovs do not give up.

Alexey manages to redeem his posh mansion. From now on, the place of two dynasties is only at his personal disposal. Anton is not satisfied with the situation, because he wants to remain the leader in everything, therefore he is going to start a fight for the house. A man is ready to move to the goal, avoiding any obstacles. He is well aware that inaction will not lead to a positive result. Ahead of the characters waiting for a lot of surprises and unforgettable adventures.

The series “Ivanov-Ivanov” 2108 new 3 season watch all series in a row comedy for free

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Director: Anton Fedotov, Andrei Elinson

Actors: Mikhail Trukhin, Sergei Burunov, Semyon Treskunov, Anna Semenovich, Alexandra Florinskaya, Anna Ukolova, Alexey Lukin, Yuri Itskov, Elena Muravyova, Egor Shevyakov, Alexander Oblasov
Production: Pick Up Films
Premiere: October 29, 2018 (STS)
Series: 21

Duration: 24 min.
Genre: Comedy, family movie

The official instagram actress Alexandra Florinskaya (Aleksandra Florinskaya) / Photo / Video

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The official instagram actress Anna Semenovich (Anna Semenovich) / Photo - Video

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