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About the plot of the project “Treason”  2019-2020-2021 on channel Yu / Russia

РEntertainment channel “U” announces the release of a new show in the genre of reality called “Treason” 2019. The main task of the project is to check the spouses, their women suspected of infidelity. She no longer trusts the elect because of suspicion of intimate sex on the side, and there is an opportunity to apply to this program in order to reliably understand and figure out whether the charges are substantiated or everything is wrong.

The team of experts includes lawyer Irina Mineeva, psychologist Tatiana Vinogradova, as well as a programmer, he is able to find out informational data. These people will be able to help deceived wives to see if their husbands live a secret life and how far they have come. In the experiments, hidden cameras, various listening devices are used, the suspects are monitored all the time. All this makes it possible to prove or disprove the presence of a mistress.

If the spouse is literally caught, then he will undoubtedly be punished, and the wife will have evidence in her hands to file for divorce if she does not decide to give her husband another chance. Viewers will watch real life events. Yes, there will be some naughty shots, because the cameras cover many places where treason can occur. At any time, a woman has the right to stop spying on her husband in order to prevent a complete fall in her eyes.


Reality show "Treason" 2019-2020-2021 on the U channel

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“Cheating" 2019





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A country: Russia
Production: U channel
Genre: tv show
Presenters: Tatyana Vinogradova, Irina Mineeva, Peter Korneyev
Duration: 45 min.
Release date: March 23 2019 year





Images from the reality show “Betrayal” Russia

2019 | Yu channel | Photos of participants



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