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Smotret serial ya tozhe ego lublu 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Я тоже его люблю 2019 онлайн мелодрама все серии подряд

About the plot of the Ukrainian TV series “I Love Him Too / I Can't Stop It” 2019 / Melodrama / Ukraine

ДFor a small village in a province, a wedding is a real event, which is accompanied by fun and joy. The bride and groom are very happy. The bride has always dreamed of finding a beautiful decent man, and thinks that at last she was lucky. Happy heroes mini-series “I love him too” 2019 online they just created a new social unit, make many plans for the future, but people can only speculate, but fate, as a rule, has.

Everything develops so that the young husband got into a terrible situation and was so badly damaged that doctors cannot save him, and connect him to an artificial apparatus. No one can say anything consolatory to the spouse - the patient has a serious illness, and many begin to give up, believing that there is no longer any hope of recovery. But the young wife still hopes that soon everything will be fine and good, she begins to take care of her spouse and follow all the recommendations left by the doctors.

But at one point, experts say that the husband will never recover completely, he will remain disabled. She does not maintain such news and decides to divorce. It may seem that now the man will be left all alone, but the beautiful nurse Nina begins to look after him. This is the sister of the very former wife who does not agree to leave the boy to the mercy of fate.

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A country: Ukraine

I love him too / I can tell you about the show - Information about the show:

Director: Vadim Savviev
Screenwriter: Yuri Nenev
Operator: Vasily Sikachinsky
Composer: Maxim Koshevarov
Artist: Larisa Zhilko
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Roman Kovalev, Vitaly Sirenko

Actors: Elena Polyanskaya, Victoria Klinkova, Alexander Sokolovsky, Elena Stefanskaya, Alexander Getmansky, Konstantin Koretsky, Alex Stepanenko, Maria Khomutova, Julia Gapchuk, Nikolai Butkovsky, Alexander Kobzar

Production: Filmstream and Vileton Films
Premiere: 10 March 2019 (Ukraine Channel)
Series: 4
Genre: melodramalove movies

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