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Expert film (2018) watch free online crime Russia

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Криминальный фильм Эксперт 2018

About the plot of the film “Expert” 2018 online for free all series in a row / Melodrama / Crime / Russia

АNdrey Gradov (Pavel Chinarev) worked for a long time as a security chief. The main character Russian film “Expert” 2018 online coped well with his direct duties and did everything so that he could even be proud of his work. He was in good standing with his firm and did everything one hundred percent. In bestowal of his beloved work he had no equal, so no one even knew how to undermine him.

But at one fine moment, this whole idyll collapses when it is substituted by its own people. This is a real misfortune and now he will not get out of this terrible situation. To great joy, everything turns out that he goes to prison, because no one wants to help him in the investigation. The lawyer did not even attempt to do something, and this is very awful.

And then being behind bars, Andrei naturally naturally wants to punish the real culprit and clear his honest name. But he can’t do it in any way if he goes to prison. The only way out of this situation is to make an escape, but without support he will not do it. To great joy, his neighbor decides to help him in this business. Together they manage to be released unfairly, but there is no time to think about it. Now the most important thing is to find the true culprit of the incident.

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Country: Russia

Director: Vladimir Fatyanov
Screenwriters: Dmitry Safonov, Alexey Loshakov
Operator: Igor Rukavishnikov
Composer: Igor Starikov
Artist: Yury Osipenko
Producers: Janik Faiziev, Rafael Minasbekyan, Sergey Bagirov, Tatyana Sokolova, Stanislav Chepaev, Vladislav Sych

Actors: Pavel Chinarev, Alexandra Bogdanova, Igor Lifanov, Andrei Stoyanov, Timur Efremenkov, Stanislav Erdley, Alexander Kuznetsov, Tatyana Shumova, Klim Berdinsky
Production: “GPM KIT” together with the “KIT” Film Studio and “NG Production” commissioned by NTV
Premiere: November 9 2018 (NTV)
Genre: Melodrama, crime movie

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