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About the plot of the series "Expropriator" 2019 Online / 16 Series / History / Drama / Crime / Russia 

в event center drama crime series “The Expropriator” 2019 online the young man, nicknamed Baron (Artyom Tkachenko) from the family of an enemy of the people, who survived the siege of Leningrad, even managed to partisan in the Belarusian forests to the Great Patriotic War and camps, expropriates the things acquired in the houses of the Soviet elite carefully and with scope.

So, the main character started a difficult time. As a boy, he watched as his family was pursued by security officers. Representatives of the organization interrogated the father constantly and eventually tortured the unfortunate to death. In order to hide his own mistake, they gave him for the enemy and after that people were less interested in the traitor’s death.

Together with his sister the boy found himself in the care of distant relatives. The besieged Leningrad began to dictate its own rules, and survival is not easy for the hero of the film “The Expropriator”. Relatives went to a partisan party and eventually perished in battle. In order to feed his sister, the guy had to steal. And as a result, he was behind bars.

There he was broken by the local atmosphere, but managed to achieve the desired success. All the gangsters considered him to be theirs. After growing free, the grown-up guy became a different person. Leading the gang, he became a baron. Riding abroad, he hid the stolen money, and after returning to his native land, he became a real criminal authority.
After his experience, he did not plan to return to criminal affairs, but one thing changed everything. A man who appeared in his life turned the life of the Baron upside down.

Trailer Announcement | Premiere 5 August 2019

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A country: Russia

Expropriator 2019 - Release Date and Series Information:

Director: Vladimir Krasnopolsky
Screenwriters: Andrei Konstantinov, Igor Shusharin
Operator: Temerlan (Timur) Zelma
Artist: Alexander Kholodtsov
Produced by: Anatoly Chizhikov, Natalia Chizhikova, Sergey Kulikov

Actors Artyom Tkachenko Alexey Fateev, Anna Tabanina, Evgeny Knyazev, Tatiana Abramova, Igor Filippov, Igor Bakulin, Tatiana Cherdyntseva Natalia Kruglov, Ramis Ibragimov, Michael Bogdasarov Alexei Shevchenko Konstantin Glushkov, Anna Miklos, Igor Denisov, Artemy Shaffer, Pavel Melenchuk, Evgenia Lyubimova, Kirill Prodolyatchenko, Arkady Koval and others.

Production: "Favorite Film"
Premiere: 5 August 2019 (Channel One)
Series: 16
Genre: Drama, historical series, crime films



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