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Psychics Battle of the Strongest (2019) watch online all seasons on TNT

shou ekstrasensi bitva silneyshikh 2019 online tnt youtebem.com

Смотреть передачу Экстрасенсы Битва сильнейших (2019) все выпуски и сезоны подряд бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the reality show “Psychics - The Battle of the Strongest” 2019 on channel TNT | Russia  

Эsomething popular interesting and fascinating TV show “Psychics Battle of the Strongest” on TNT all seasons, which won a special place on the local television channel. He is loved and watched by the whole family. Earlier all psychics participated here, even some of them turned out to be charlatans. Now everything will be different. The creators of the show decided that well-known magicians and sorcerers would investigate.

Gathered the best of the best. Who will win the absolute victory this time?
Now the characters in this story will be real victims who find themselves in a difficult and difficult situation. Witches and magicians will face paranormal phenomena, find killers, maniacs.

This fascinating psychic show will turn a new page in a television book. Skeptics argue that this cannot be, but even they will believe in the reality of the mystical. There is no script for the show. Pure improvisation plays a leading role. Each series is interesting and unique in its own way.

The participants in the show do not suspect what difficulties they will face. Many mysterious puzzles need to be solved. Even the police cannot help. But that which is not subject to public servants is subject to the owners of magical superpowers.

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Country: Russia
Participants: Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova, Elena Golunova, Zulia Radzhabova, Alexander Litvin, Ziraddin Rzayev, Lilia Khegai, Alexander Sheps, Timofey Rudenko, Konstantin Getzati
Genre: TV Show, Mystic
Release Date: 31 August 2019
Duration: 48 min.

The official instagram of psychic Elena Golunova / Photo - Video

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Images from the show “Psychics Battle of the Strongest” 2019 channel TNT | Photos of presenters and participants



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