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Escobar / Loving Pablo movie (2018) watch online free crime

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Смотреть биографию Пабло Эскобар 2017 кино с Хавьером Баодемом в отличном качестве hd 720 - 0180

About the plot of the film "Escobar / Loving Pablo" 2018 | Drama | Crime | Biography | Spain | Colombia

кThe riminal biopic "Escobar" 2018 online, from director Fernando Leon De Aranoa, tells the story of the Colombian drug business tycoon, well-known at the time, in wide circles, and, surprisingly, in this case - a politician named Pablo Escobar (Javier Bardem) (1949 - 1993).

Many people know the influential drug lord, but not everyone has seen the full picture of his life. He was surrounded by beautiful women, owned not a lot of money, and adored the power that was in his hands. Many years ago, he turned into a snotty, childless boy into the real king of a drug cartel.

All respected Pablo, and those who did not, simply feared a man. After all, one of his not-kind, passing glances could have crawled. He was able to give money for silence to anyone, as if a politician, guardian of the law, or even a judge. Escobar could bribe anyone, holding in his hands Latin America. But over the course of time, this was not enough.

The hero fixed his eyes on the States. Soon he meets with a journalist named Virginia Vallejo (Penelope Cruz). This fateful meeting rapidly changed the life of the baron. He fell in love as a boy at first sight and did not plan to restrain his feelings. And what the beauty herself answered, having learned that the king himself fell in love with her? How will events develop in the future? What is the future of this unusual couple?



 Movie “Escobar / Loving Pablo” 2018 watch online in excellent quality hd 720-1080


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Country: Spain, Colombia

Director: Fernando Leon De Aranoa
Writer: Fernando Leon De Aranoa
Operator: Alex Catalan
Composer: Federico Husid
Artist: Alan Bainie
Producers: Javier Bardem, Andres Calderoni, Ed Caitéll, Avi Lerner

Actors: Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Peter Sarsgaard, Lillian Blankenship, Juliet Restrepo, David Valencia, Matthew Moreno, Erbert King

Production: Escobar Films, B2Y EOOD Productions
Premiere: October 12 2017 (Italy), June 14 2018 (Russia)
Genre: Drama, crime, biographical films

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