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Swing serial (2018) watch online for free crime

Smotret serial kacheli 2018 online besplatno kriminal

Качели 2018 сериал Беларусь смотреть онлайн криминал

About the plot of the series “Swing” 2018 online for free all series in a row 1 - 8 / Drama / Crime / Belarus

ОBychny young man Ruslan Mironov (Artem Dubnitsky) grew up in a provincial town. All the hero criminal of the Belarusian TV series “Swing 2018” sought - is to find your right path in life. The guy wanted not to do stupid things and not allow someone to offend him. He is full of energy, naive and tries to live by the rules that life dictates to him.

When Ruslan finishes school, he agrees to go to the capital, where he plans to go to university. The guy intends to get a higher education, get a good job and help loved ones. However, fate has its own plans for this naive person. If you watch the TV series "Swing" online, you will find out that Mironov gets acquainted with criminals and literally in one day he is drawn into serious trouble.

Now, instead of studying, he is expected to become acquainted with thieves concepts. He has to forget about the beautiful plans for the future and try to solve the difficulties that have accumulated on his way at the moment. The capital's gangster sees Ruslan as his successor, so no one is going to let go of the promising hero. Will the young man be able to escape from the sticky gangster networks and try to live his own life?



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A country: Belarus

Director: Vladimir Zinkevich
Writer: Vladimir Zinkevich
Operator: Alexander Debalyuk
Composer: Yevgeny Grechany
Artist: Vladimir Bliznyuk
Produced by: Pavel Dyatko, Olga Kornilova

Actors: Mikhail Kaminsky, Artyom Dubnitsky, Vladimir Zinkevich, Oleg Taktarov, Konstantin Murzenko, Gia Korkotashvili, Alexander Chislov, Anatoly Sedach, Adrianna Kuzmina, Hilda Carmen, German Dyatko, Georgy Chanturia, Vladimir Bozhkov, Yevgeny Pakhomov, Ryomanov, Nikolov, Nikolov, Nikolov Kurovov, Nikolayev. Murad Radjabov, Lesha Titorenko, Vyacheslav Pavlyut, Anna Semenyako, Igor Shugaleev, Andrei Teslenok, Lucia Gerashchenko, Vladimir Averyanov, Natalie Roche, Tatyana Zhevnova
Production: SpaghettiFilm, Avantdrive
Premiere: December 6 2018 (Internet release)
Series: 8
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime movie


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