How to find out that a girl is good in bed?

УThe young professors dine and spend the night in the laboratories, tirelessly searching for you the secrets of communicating with charming girls.

Как узнать, что девушка хороша в постели?
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Helen Fisher, an anthropologist from Rutgers University and author of Why We Love, says:

"Not always a girl in a short skirt and high heels is good in bed."

Therefore, dear Helen decided to save you from disappointment, and tell you how to find out in the crowd a really hot woman.

A woman answering questions a la “I don't know,” will also behave in bed. And vice versa: a lady who knows what she wants from this life will receive from you “everything you need” when you find yourself under a blanket.

Advice from Fisher: be prepared for the fact that your exclusive preferences may diverge. After all, with them, as with food - everyone loves different things. In one, Helen is confident in all 100: if you get on such a girl, she will definitely be experienced and demanding.

2. Food and demeanor

Еда и манера поведения

Pay attention to how she eats, for example, puree. Yes, yes, we are serious! Mashed potatoes, borscht, dumplings or any other signature dish from your repertoire.

“Look at how she uses her fork. Is she enjoying her food? Or does she just swallow everything off the table literally on the go? Those who love to chew food for a long time and thoroughly often prefer to make love for a long time, ”says Candida Royalle, an expert in sex.

3. She loves ice cream

Она любит мороженое

“You can find the right lover by comparing your preferences in ice cream tastes,” says MD and neuropathologist Alan Hirsch.

Researchers call this "frozen hedonism." Dr. Hirsch conducted an experiment in which 720 people aged 24 to 59 took part, where he investigated the personality of the subjects, their favorite ice cream flavor, the preferences of their partners' ice cream, and the marital status of couples.

The study showed that: fans of coffee ice cream - dramatic, seductive and flirtatious personalities, most compatible with fans of strawberry ice cream. Fans of vanilla ice cream (emotionally expressive and not representing their lives without a CCP) are best for guys who adore ice cream with nuts. And lovers of mint chocolate are a closed group and enjoy the same as themselves.

4.Maners and communication

Манеры и общение

“The first thing to pay special attention to is her facial expression and pace of speech,” explains Michael Cunningham, Ph.D., professor of social psychology at the University of Louisville.

“That is, if her pace and her non-verbal behavior coincides with yours, then, most likely, her sexual behavior will also coincide,” added Professor Cunningham.

If a girl is “barely a soul in a body” (that is to say, sluggish), then a fast and active man with her is definitely not on the way. This is because with probability 90% - it will turn out to be the same in bed - real estate ... (according to Cunningham).

“If a man talks about one thing, and his partner spontaneously jumps to another topic, there will be nothing to do in bed like this,” wisdom from Michael.

5. Age Differences

Возрастные различия

“Young girls often do not relax enough to experience an orgasm. Therefore, an orgasm to visit them never comes. More mature ladies know what they like, and they will tell you about it without any problems. They are well aware that orgasm benefits in the long run, ”says Fisher.

During menopause, “the level of estrogen decreases, with the result that testosterone begins to dictate its rules. This allows girls to be more assertive and demanding, and many of them become more interested in sex, which will certainly get an expression in her appearance and behavior, ”says Fisher. (yes, yes, women also have a male hormone).

Be ready: on such days, ladies become more assertive and demanding in the sex sector. And you can tame them only the most incredible poses.



“The way you kiss, says a lot about how you make love,” says Ava Caddel, a sociologist and author of “I call kissing 'facial intercourse” from Los Angeles

During the kiss, not only the lips are involved, but the whole body. If she presses you to her chest with her hands and moans softly, this suggests that she is a good lover and really loves sex.

“Such girls can simultaneously lick the upper lip, suck the lower lip, and play with the hair on your nape. With them you will not have a sex, but a real dance ”- Caddel intrigues.

7. Dance and movement

Танцы и движения

In addition, experts advise to pay attention to the skills of the girls performed by the dance steps.

“If she loves and knows how to dance, then, most likely, she has excellent body control and is also in good physical shape,” says Fisher.

Accordingly, this does not apply to women who have decently “taken on the chest” of alcohol, well, and other stimulating doping)