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How to marry a millionaire TV series (2013) watch for free all the series

Watch the series “How to Marry a Millionaire” (2013) online for free all 1-4 series in a row comedy in good quality HD 720 on the entertainment site Youtebem.com

Serial Kak viyti zamuzh za millionera 2012 Youtebem.com

Russian series “How to marry a millionaire” 2013 watch online free movie all series in a row 1- 4 Russia

В the center of attention is a girl named Evgeny Krasilov (Alexandra Tyuftey), occupying the post of journalist. Heroine comedy series “How to marry a millionaire” 2013 online for myself determined not the easiest way. She constantly sought the truth, in which luck always accompanied her, despite all the difficult obstacles. In his work, Zhenya is trying to give everything to the maximum, to open people's eyes to the truth, to take any measures for justice to come first.

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Serial Kak viyti zamuzh za millionera Youtebem.com

This is the main purpose of the media representative. However, illusions remain only in the head and are not found in real life. Krasilova works hard in a dubious press, where she creates small publications about unclaimed citizens of the country.
It so happened that the girl made a very intriguing and informative material on the topic of relationships in the families of millionaires.

The article is about a well-known businessman with a decent condition named Leonid Rayevsky (Dmitry Marianov) and his second half Polina Geller (Love Tolkalina). Convinced of the veracity of her point of view, the heroine the film decided on a bet with a humiliated money bag. She is given a month to receive a marriage proposal from a millionaire, thus Krasilova will be able to prove that the content of the written article is not ordinary verbiage.

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Director: Natalya Khlopetskaya
Scenario: Natalya Khlopetskaya
Producer: Ruben Dishdishyan, Aram Movsesian, Elena Denisevich, Anna Melikyan, Irina Baskakova
Operator: Yevgeny Khlopetsky
Composer: Igor Babaev
Genre: Comedy
Production: MAGNUM commissioned by MARS MEDIA

Cast: Alexandra Tyuftay, Roman Kurtsyn, Dmitry Maryanov, Lyubov Tolkalina, Pavel Priluchny, Lyudmila Chursina, Alexander Mikhailov, Yulia Kokryatskaya, Alexander Karpilovsky, Mikhail Bogdasarov

2013 trailer for the movie How to Marry a Millionaire

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