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Comedy Club (2018) 14 season 31 edition from Yerevan watch online

Smotret Kamedi Klab 2018 Erevan Youtebem.com

Watch Comedy Club online (2018) - 14 season, 31 new issue from Armenia, Yerevan 

ОCanopy time is not only the time of harvesting and photo shoots of girls on Instagram with fallen colorful leaves, but also the beginning of a long-awaited new season from a loved one by millions Comedy Club. We present to your attention a new regular special issue. comedy club 2018 is from the hospitable Armenia city of Yerevan, where the residents still light up the hall with their hilarious jokes and numbers.

Among the speakers you will see Garik Kharlamov and Marina Kravets in a family duet, USB group and Zhenya Sinyakova with their inimitable caustic sarcasm, and even the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan by Demis Karibidis and Dmitry Grachev in the image Vladimir Putin. Well, and, of course, the cheerful talk of the leading Martirosyan and Volya with a lot of new, interesting and colorful guests.


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