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Comedy Club - Homeless near the most expensive restaurant in Moscow online

Watch online Comedy Club - Karibidis, Skorokhod, Kravets, Temicheva - Homeless near the most expensive Moscow restaurant in good quality HD 720 (2018) (14 season, 3 series)



Comedy Club (2018) - Karibidis, Skorohod, Kravets, Temicheva - “Homeless near the most expensive restaurant in Moscow ”  

ОDean of the coolest and hottest rooms from comedy club A bum near the most expensive restaurant in Moscow will tell an instructive story about a rich but mean man who invited his beauty mistress to one of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants in Moscow to give her a cool gift and quickly achieve her horizontal and adjective arrangement in a previously prepared room)

Anticipating moments of pleasure, a couple cooing was resting, and at this time a bum appeared outside the window, seeing a luxurious feast began to beg. However, the greedy lovelau, instead of charity, beat and chased the unfortunate homeless man.

After which, returning, the homeless man completely avenged his revenge, when he suggested all sorts of body movements and facial expressions to his wife who came to the restaurant, where his passion hid. So the stars were formed, that one of the most vindictive homeless people set up a greedy rich man and ruined one of the most expensive dates. :-)

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Starring: Marina Kravets, Demis Karibidis, Andrey Skorokhod, Irina Temicheva

Year of manufacture: 2018 | Xnumx

The official instagram actress Irina Temicheva (Irina Temicheva) | @temicheva

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