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Comedy Club - When you understand each other (2018) watch online

Smotret Comedy Club Kogda vi ponimaete drug druga 2018 Youtebem.com

Watch Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov and Marina Kravets- When you understand each other | Release from Armenia

Яbright residents comedy club the wonderful duo Garik Kharlamov and the pretty girl Marina Kravets they will play a very funny and funny case for us in one of the ordinary families, where it would seem that two loving hearts have not learned to understand each other. “I want three of us!” - What sense would you put into the phrase of a sensually addressed to you, from your half? Understanding in the family does not come to all couples, because it is the basis of a strong hearth. Understanding of the floor of the word and look, either there immediately, or accumulated over the years of living together and “lapping” to each other. Let's see how in this anxious couple, but each according to his fantasies and desires, will come to an agreement through a series of embarrassing misunderstandings :)

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YOM: 2018 Comedy Club (14 season, 31 series)

Cast: Cast: Marina Kravets, Garik Kharlamov

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The official instagram of Marina Kravec (Marina Kravec) Comedy Club | Photo-Video

Official instagram Garik Kharlamov Comedy Club | Photo-Video

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