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Comedy Club / Pavel Volya - Women's Chuika (2018) watch online

Smotret kamedi klab Pavel Volya zhenskoe chuyka

Камеди Клаб / Павел Воля - Женская Чуйка (2018) смотреть онлайн

Watch Comedy Club Pavel Volya - Woman Chuika | Comedy Club (14 season, 42 series)

ОOne of the most successful stand-up comedians in Russia is of course Pavel Volya. It is he who now will try to tell in the room “Female Chuika” Comedy Club that all the most popular things in the world are so popular for one simple reason. This is the reason women are! He will cite several facts and evidence that everything that women like is going to be a success. Naturally, it is likely that he will exaggerate somewhere, but you have to believe that it really is.

Ahead of all are waiting for exciting and interesting situations that Pavel will try to demonstrate to all people. For comparison, he will take those things that are unquestionably the best. The spectator is given the opportunity to see everything with his own eyes and understand that there is probably a logic in his words. That is how he will try to convey to everyone all his information and try to do everything to be believed.

What is so interesting he will be able to tell and what will this all lead to in the future? This is only to be learned and one has to hope only for a positive result. What he will be no one knows, but soon the guests will be able to see for themselves that women are those who own the world. And all because they always have the last word, and it is they who, by loving men, make them rich and famous! )

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YOM: 2018 Comedy Club (14 season, 42 series)

Cast: Cast: Pavel Volya

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