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Comedy Club - President at the pharmacy (2018) watch online for free

Smotret kamedi klab prezident v apteke putin 2018 youtebem.com

Watch Comedy Club Kharlamov, Batrudinov and Grachev - President at the pharmacy | Comedy Club (14 season, 42 series)


Хarismatic and favorite members Comedy Club, in the “President in the pharmacy” room they dedicated it to a very ridiculous and funny sketch of an acute social topic - about the availability of medicines for the population. As already known, not so long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to accidentally visit the most simple pharmacies without prior notice. He makes similar checks to create microstrokes for minor officials, and especially for those who have lowered their hand in the treasury and freely rummage in the pocket of the state. So, the case in one of the most ordinary city pharmacies, we look and make fun of what came out of this confrontation ...

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YOM: 2018 Comedy Club (14 season, 42 series)

Cast: Cast: Timur Batrudinov, Garik Kharlamov and Dmitry Grachev

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