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Comedy Vumen (2018) watch online the new 8 season 21 release

Smotret comedy woman 2018 vse vipuski online

Comedy Woman new season 8 episode 21 (16.11.2018) watch online

Сthe most feminine of all women and not only for women humorous explosive new show "Comedy woman"2018 release onlineyear after year, year after year, it vividly confirms the obvious that not only the strong and muscular half of a human tribe is capable of bright and incendiary jokes in our country. Gifted, charming and charismatic women, gathered together with the male part in an organic composition to present their unique jokes.

Each issue, as it became established in the team, will be presented to a specific topic. Also on a visit to the comedians will certainly drop in famous guests from show business and colleagues from the Comedy Club. The release turned out great, even with sex on the plane, full of jokes and subtle female sarcasm. Watch and enjoy the great and great humorous country show! And great, because female!

Watch Comedy Wumen 2018 latest issue of November 16, 2018

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Ether - 16.11.2018 - Humor

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