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Comedy Vumen - Feminist resigns (2018) watch online

Smotret comedy woman 2018 uvolnenie feministki Youtebem.com

Камеди Вумен - Феминистка увольняется (2018) смотреть онлайн

У every girl in her head has her personal quirks and all the men know about it. As for the main character of this wonderful number from Comedy woman “Sacking feminists”then she can safely consider herself this type of girl. She is fired from her job and it may seem that there are a number of different reasons for this. The lady is sure that her female gender is to blame for everything. She is a feminist and has always fought for women's rights.

And now the situation was clearly able to show her that all the men are real goats. But in fact, the reason is not at all in this, and therefore she is trying to understand what could be the reason for her dismissal. Feminist, whose role plays Natalia Yprikyan, I am convinced only that in front of her are memorable and exciting events that cannot be stopped. She will try to find an excuse for such an unpleasant situation that has happened to her.

Naturally, she is convinced that the reason is that she is a woman. She cannot find another explanation, but the viewer is also given the opportunity to reflect on this whole situation. Everyone is sure that there were their own motives for this, but what were they really like? All this will be later described and presented by the guys from the Comedy Woman show with a share of high-quality humor, which will be able to amuse any person without any problems. So what is the reason?

Comedy Woman - Feminist quits 2018 watch online

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Comedy Woman 16.11.2018 (8 season, 20 series) TNTHumor

Cast: Natalia Yeprikyan, Yevgeny Borodenko, Alina Kosharnaya

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  1. Natalia E. He speaks

    Awesome number!)) My mother is also a feminist and the same sharp and a bit with gadgets))))

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