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Камеди Вумен - На страже сна ребёнка смотреть онлайн юмор на ютуб

Comedy Woman - Watching the baby’s sleep / Humor on the TNT channel

ВAll parents know perfectly well, however, many of the participants of Comedy Vumen which period in their lives is the most happy and long-awaited. Do you think this is the moment when the baby starts walking on its own or publishes the first word? Of course not! The best time when the parents stand guard over the sleep of the child and the baby quietly falls asleep, and at last a pleasant silence and calmness reigns in the house.

The girls from the popular project "Comedy Vumen" decided to take a common family theme as the basis of the next comic masterpiece. The main characters of the family mini-drama will do everything to ensure that the capricious and shrill heir remains in the realm of Morpheus longer. And whether the characters will be able to cope with an extremely difficult mission, it will be possible if you watch the funny scene before the final episode.

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Comedy Woman 20.11.2015 (7 season, 22 series) TNT

Starring: Ekaterina Skulkina, Maria Kravchenko, Oleg Vereshchagin, Alexander Gudkov


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