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Comedy Vumen - Do not remember God in TsUM


НRemember God in TsUM - this is another ironic number from Kamey Vumen about a new type of Russian women - Rublevskie Ponto ladies. They differ from ordinary women: so that they do not necessarily overdo it in everything, and even in the choice of a candle in the church. :-)

Comedy Woman - Do not remember God in TsUM

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Cast: Ekaterina Skulkina, Ekaterina Varnava, Nadezhda Sysoeva, Natalya Yeprikyan

year of manufacture: 2016

The second part: see here ⇒ Rublevsky wives in the church 2

Instagram Natalya Yeprikyan / Comedy Woman

Official Instagram Actresses Ekaterina Varnava (Ekaterina Varnava) | Photo - Video


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