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Comedy Vumen - Show Bachelor with a Freak (2018) watch online

Kamedi vumen shou kholostyak s urodom 2018 onlne Youtebem.com

Comedy Woman: Шоу Холостяк с уродом 2018 смотреть онлайн

Тlevizionnoe show “Bachelor” is very popular in the room from Comedy Vumen “Show Bachelor with a freak” 2018 girls decided to laugh on the topic of insincerity in public relations. After all, many people know about this project and the most beautiful girls dream of taking part in it. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with a beautiful man who can fall in love with himself.

This is really an unusual project and therefore all participants are waiting for the moment to see the very man for whose heart they are going to fight. It is clear that each girl is special in her own way and therefore it is difficult to predict what all this can lead to. You can not choose a winner in advance, so it remains to just look at everything that happens and try to hope that no one can spoil the impression from what he saw.

But naturally the main mystery is who will be the enviable groom this time. And to the great surprise of everyone, this man will be a very unattractive man. Naturally, all participants hoped to see a world pop star, but they got just a real nightmare. For each of the girls it will be a difficult test that they will have to overcome. No one is now eager to win in this rivalry, because such a husband is hardly needed. So what will end this project and who will agree to continue to participate?

Comedy Woman - "Show Bachelor with a Freak" 2018 watch online

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Comedy Woman 03.12.2018 (8 season, 22 series) TNTHumor

Starring: Ekaterina Varnava, Maria Kravchenko, Nadezhda Angarskaya, Nadezhda Sysoeva, Natalia Yeprikyan, Tatiana Morozova, Marina Fedunkiv, Alexander Gudkov
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